Saint Saturnin

The life of Saint Saturnin

Saint Saturnin or Saint Cernin as he is called in Occitan, was the first bishop of Toulouse in the middle of the third century.

According to local tradition, he sent his disciple Saint Honestus of Nimes to Pamplona to proclaim the Gospel. He later went himself to this city where he converted the first Christians, among these was Saint Fermin, who would become the first bishop of Pamplona. The actual well where they were baptized is still conserved, located at the meeting of the of San Saturnino, Mayor and Jarauta streets. After returning to Toulouse, Saint Saturnin was arrested by the pagans at the capitole, charged with silencing the false oracles with his preachings. For refusing to worship pagan idols, he was tied by the feet to the tail of a bull, in preparation for sacrifice. The animal dragged him down the steps from the top of the capitole to his death on the 29th November around the year 250.

Pamplona, being grateful to him for having brought the Christian faith to its people venerated him as their patron saint.



Oh Lord, who summoned us from the darkness of paganism

to the brilliant light of the Gospel

by the preachings of Saint Saturnin, your martyr and bishop,

grant us, through his intercession,

that we may grow in the grace and the knowledge

of our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son.

Who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.